“When our reps go into a clinic they have all of our latest marketing materials at their fingertips and can present whether they have an internet connection or not.”

Ryan Lopez
Product Manager,
Implants and Surgery
Cochlear Americas

Engage your prospects with multimedia content that goes way beyond traditional slide-deck or PowerPoint presentations. UpSync let’s you create, show and share tailored “playlists” with all kinds of digital assets – images, videos, animations, pdfs and interactive apps from your content library—and show them all without missing a beat.

The UpSync mobile content library makes it fast and easy to find the right digital collateral for every customer—then create a customized mobile presentation with a simple drag and drop interface.

Whether it’s a spur of the moment conversation or the biggest meeting of the year you’ll be ready with compelling iPhone and iPad presentations and apps to make the most of every opportunity—anytime, anywhere.

UpSync Lets You: