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January 16, 2013

Why Sales Teams Need Mobile Devices at Trade Shows


In the B2B world and other industries, trade shows are paramount to a business’s success. Trade shows allow businesses to put representatives on the floor to reconnect with current clients while outreaching to prospective ones. With so many products, businesses and people in one place, it’s important to make the most of your company presence at a trade show. Tablets and mobile devices that encourage first-hand interaction are a must for sales teams. You can start conversations more easily, provide a powerful presentation, and capture the contact information of those you connect with all on one device while still engaging and communicating with the potential client. Here’s why sales team need mobile devices when attending trade shows.

Kick-Start Conversations
A tablet or smartphone can help your sales team start conversations on the right foot. While a number of engagements begin as a result of the rep, tablets can be a final push someone needs in coming over or provide the stand-out feature your rep needs to get a conversation going. Trade show attendees that approach your booth are interested in learning about your product. In a recent study, Marketech found that 43 percent of booth visitors are interested in your product, either for information (32%) or a demo (11%).

Trade Show Tip: People want to be able to touch things and interact with your product or service. Instead of presenting on the mobile device yourself, guide the customer through the process. You’ll be memorable and they’ll have a better experience.

Powerful Presentations
Have a presentation, podcast or video advertisement you want to showcase? A mobile device can help your sales team produce more powerful presentations. Establishing a connection with prospects and finding new leads is often the main goal of those attending trade shows. Your sales team can stand out from the rest with mobile devices. When attendees absorb information first-hand, they are often left with a more impacted experience. Offer a presenter-led walkthrough via a tablet or a larger monitor to provide prospects a hands-on and engaging experience. Tablets and smartphones are more mobile than a laptop. Tablets may be better performing than a smartphone due to size, but smartphones are great when you’re on-the-go.

Trade Show Tip: After engaging the customer through a presentation, offer to email them more information or the presentation itself to reference later on. You can gage how things went and…

Capture Contact Information
Getting the contact information from people you meet at trade shows isn’t always easy. With a mobile device and the right customer service software, your sales team can easily capture the contact information of each person they meet. Later, they can add notes about the lead-quality of the prospect and send a follow-up email more easily. Even if you receive a business card, quickly input the data while the person you’ve just met and the potential of working together is still fresh in your mind.

Trade Show Tip: Once you gather the information, let the prospect know you are going to send a quick email to confirm they can receive your message. You can break through a spam blocker as well as add some personality to the conversation.

Your representatives need to be sales and presentation ready when attending trade shows and mobile devices can help them do just that. With dynamic presentations, easy-to-use conversation starters and a way to more easily capture contact information from new connections, mobile devices can help sales representatives perform better while at a tradeshow. Establish connections, engage customers and build your email database with a mobile device at your next trade show.


Business.comErica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as trade show event insurance and B2B email marketing companies. She is a web content writer for

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