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Spend more time selling
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Organize, Manage, and Share Content

Secure your brand and message

Mobilize Approved Assets

Centralize your organization’s most relevant and up-to-date sales materials in one secure library – eliminating the need to dig through email archives and content silos. Mobilizing new or existing content allows reps to have immediate access to approved assets in the field.

UpSync supports all file formats from PDF, video, PowerPoint to HTML5 applications – ensuring that your content library is seamless, comprehensive, and interactive.

Control Access and Versions

Establish clear access and sharing permissions for your entire content portfolio, ensuring the security of sensitive materials and protect against unauthorized sharing or editing by establishing clear access and sharing permissions for your entire content portfolio.

With instant network-wide updates, you can be certain of version control. Your reps will always have the most current versions of sales materials.

Version Control

Ensure reps are using the most current materials with instant network-wide updates.

Synchronize and Deploy Content

Allow administrators to effortlessly distribute new and approved content including PowerPoints, PDFs, and multi-format presentations to all of your sales teams’ mobile devices from homebase.

All new and updated content is automatically added and highlighted on your reps’ home screen.

Create Custom Presentations On The Go

Tailor responsive sales presentations in minutes

Build Seamless Mobile Presentations

Create custom presentations on your iPad and iPhone with drag-and-drop ease. All file formats flow together smoothly for an extraordinary customer experience.

Instant Follow Up

Share assets or presentations with customers easily. Shared content is sent via a unique secure link so you can revise or update content after it’s in the client’s hands.

Online or Offline Access

Securely access sales materials anytime and build custom presentations on-the-fly with or without an internet connection (i.e. online or offline).

Capture Customer Data

Accelerate the sales process and avoid wasted time by pulling contacts directly from CRM, utilizing custom-built forms to easily capture customer information, and getting signatures on the spot.

Respond Faster to Customer Needs

Adapt in real-time by easily creating multi-format presentations and immediately answer customer questions and concerns by quickly locating content through intelligent filters.

Measure Content Utilization with Analytics

Track the materials most used in the field

Analyze Customer Touchpoints

Find out what presentations or pieces of content move prospects through the sales pipeline by tracking how they interact with sales materials throughout their lifecycle.

Optimize Rep Activity

View analytics around rep usage to understand what content is actually presented in the field and use this insight to educate underperforming reps on what assets top sellers are utilizing.

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