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Many times we are asked by clients, “What can I do to improve the value of my existing content?” Whenever possible, we recommend creating dynamic, interactive content. Slides provide value, but interactive content is particularly helpful when trying to communicate complex concepts, products, or processes. If you don’t have the in-house resources that know HTML5, People Productions, our parent company, can help.

People Productions has extensive experience in marketing communications strategy, exploratory market research, and sales enablement. They also have significant expertise in producing custom marketing apps and videos for large companies and enterprise organizations. People Productions can work with you to build a strong content strategy and produce a portfolio of creative assets that will engage your audience. Learn More


Whether you want to learn more about mobile presentations, mobile CMS, or are just getting started with your mobile implementation – you’ll likely find answers to what you’re looking for here.

Q: What is UpSync? How is it different from mobile presentation tools?
A: UpSync is a cloud-based, enterprise platform for simplifying mobile access to content, presentations, and integrated business applications. While it does make it easy to deliver engaging, multi-media mobile presentations, UpSync offers greater functionality and power than mobile presentation software.

Q: Who should use UpSync?
A: Any business with a mobile workforce can benefit from UpSync, but we’ve found the following customers have the most effective usage:

  • Field sales and training organizations that are deploying tablets and smartphones and require a strong ROI on their hardware investment
  • Organizations who must communicate complex processes, products or concepts, find UpSync’s support of dynamic HTML5 content particularly beneficial
  • Compliance-driven organizations who must ensure that the right content makes it to the field (or is pulled from the field) in a timely (and auditable) fashion
  • Process-driven field sales or service organizations find the integrated app functionality can streamline sales and support issues, and facilitate closing a deal

Q: What mobile devices does UpSync support?
A: UpSync supports any mobile device with a browser, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We also offer an iPad and iPhone app that takes full advantage of those devices' unique features. An Android app is coming soon.

Q: Can I work offline or must I always be connected?
A: UpSync can work in both connected and disconnected environments. We recommend that users sync prior to meetings and presentations to make sure they have access to the most current content.

Q: How easy is it to build a presentation?
A: If you can drag and drop, you can build an UpSync presentation. Find content quickly with filters and thumbnails, then simply drag and drop into your new collection. Once there, you can rearrange the order with the same drag and drop motion.

Q: Can I use my existing content or do I have to create new content in an UpSync format?
A: UpSync supports your existing content, including PowerPoint slides, PDFs, videos, images, and HTML5.

Q: Where does my content live?
A: UpSync is securely stored in a cloud service with unlimited storage. You can store your content in our easy-to-use content management system or access existing content housed in cloud services, such as DropBox.

Q: How secure is my content and data?
A: UpSync is built for the enterprise. We use secure, enterprise-class cloud-based storage and SSL encryption. You retain complete control over who has access to your content.

Q: Do you support CRM?
A: Yes we do. In addition to built-in contact management, we have some integration support with Saleforce.com (SFDC) and other popular CRMs.

Q: Can I share my content?
A: UpSync makes it easy to share content with customers and business partners. Just send a personalized link and they’ll have instant access to the shared materials. Should any of the content in a shared link be updated, your customers and partners will instantly have the most current version.

Q: What if I need to remove obsolete content or make updates to existing content?
A: Easy. Each asset, or piece of content, or an entire collection or presentation can be marked as active or inactive; approved or pending. The content administrator may change the content status as needed. Whenever an update is made and the content is released, those updates automatically flow out to the field, so that all users have the most current versions.

Q: How do I notify my field teams that content has changed?
A: At login, users are notified of new content that is available, and an icon shows if they need to sync to update other content. We believe users should be able to sync when it works for them so a presentation doesn't change in the middle of a client meeting.

Q: We are a global organization, how can you help us?
A: UpSync has been used in more than 100 countries and our app has been translated into 16 languages. You can ensure content is available in France with French language and different content is available in French Canada. Globalization is quite effective in UpSync.

Q: Do you provide any insight or reporting into what content is being used?
A: UpSync has excellent content usage analytics, so you can see what is being used – and what is not. Take what you learn to improve your content and share best practices among all team members. Users can rate and comment on individual assets, providing deeper insight into specific content value.

Q: To what level can I customize UpSync?
A: UpSync may be branded to support your company brand for both mobile and web versions. You can fully customize your metadata, tags, and geographic regions. You can also create and upload slide master templates.

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